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    SCR Heatime® HR Tags
    The ultimate real-time tags for cow reproduction and health monitoring

    The SCR Heatime® HR-LD tag is an RF tag worn by cows. It combines rumination, heat detection and cow identification functionality to give dairy farmers a revolutionary tool to monitor their cows in real-time, 24 hours a day.

    The HR-LD tag contains a motion sensor, microprocessor, memory and specially-tuned microphone that detect the cow's activity and rumination. Each HR-LD tag collects information and transmits it to the SCR system a few times per hour via RF technology, so the information in the system is up-to-date at all times, no matter where the cow is located.

    This unique combination of activity monitoring and rumination monitoring revolutionizes dairy farm management, enabling timely, data-based decision making on heat detection and cow health.

    Accurate Heat Detection
    The HR-LD tag includes a unique sensor that accurately measures each cow's body movements, and their intensity, under any conditions, 24/7. With its high degree of precision, the HR-LD tag is capable of detecting even relatively weak signs of activity during heat.

    With this information, you can detect:
    • Peak activity, so you can breed the cow at the optimal time
    • Decreases in activity, to catch health problems early on
    Unique Health Monitoring
    Research shows that rumination is the leading sign of a healthy cow. The SCR HR-LD tag's unique technology includes a specially-tuned microphone that detects and records rumination and activity.

    All the rumination data provided by these RF tags is immediate and actionable, sent wirelessly to the system a few times per hour. This information is used to monitor your cows' health, helping you identify and treat disease early, and prevent illness before it takes hold.

    Both activity and rumination data are recorded in the tag and stored in two-hour blocks, so you can easily identify the exact behavioral profile of every cow.