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    "Preserving the feed structure, mixing long and short as well as dry and humid material precisely and discharging it in a regular way: these are the requirements SILOKING Technology has been designed for – with reliability and comfort!"

    Under the brand name „SILOKING“ the Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH in Tittmoning, district administration of Traunstein, produces innovative feeding technology and distributes its products in Europe and beyond. More than 300 employees develop and produce machines "Made in Germany" with modern production methods and high quality standards. The product range includes trailed and self propelled feed mixers for dairy cattle breeding as well as stationary mixers and metering systems for producers of biogas.
    Furthermore single and group calf hutches under the brand name FLIXBOX as well as the cow brushes HAPPYCOW are being produced and distributed in the business segment animal Comfort. Within it's main segments SILOKING holds the market and technology leadership.

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